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As close as I'll come to frames

First of all, my site is now at, you can read more details here.

When I started this page, I vowed I would never use frames. I don't like how they slow other pages, so they weren't going on mine. However, I do realize nearly 150 html pages is a lot of stuff to explore (told you I wanted to be thorough!). My page has been a work-in-progress for quite some time, built gradually: a bit this week, a bit that week. So I understand how my page could look huge to a first-time visitor.

Consider this Site Map a bit of a concession. If you haven't seen my page, haven't been here in a while, or just might've missed something, this makes it easy to see what I've got about Godzilla vs Destoroyah.

The bold links are those directly accessible from the Title page. The parenthesis show how many pages each section has; on these, there is usually an icon to "turn the page".

Where to start?

Go through the whole page, of course! I enjoyed making the On Location pages and my Film Info FAQs took the most thought (both make my page unique, in my opinion). I've gotten the most compliments on my illustrated Movie Synopsis and Figure Collection pages. If you're new to Godzilla, you'll probably want to see my Heisei Reviews for an intro to the newer movies. More about me in About the Michael.

Pictured are my favorite collectible (left) and favorite image
from the Art Institute

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