First off, let me start by saying that this is an unofficial fan site, which is not sponsored, licensed, or approved by Toho Co, Ltd. Here are links to the official Japanese or American Godzilla sites. Godzilla, Destroyer (Destoroyah), Godzilla Junior, et al, and the character designs are trademarks of Toho Co, Ltd. All rights reserved. I'll also add that this page is in no way affiliated with Bandai, Yutaka, Premier Systems, Random House, or anyone else I might've mentioned.

As fancy as that sounds, it plainly means those companies don't know and don't care that I exist (although I'd like to think they've seen it), as long as you don't send me money.

If you do, send cash, and no records, please.

Concerning this page's resources

All of the graphics, animations, and sounds, unless otherwise noted, are my own. That is, they came from my personal scans, my books, my toys, my CD-ROMs, my photos, and my audio CDs. The written ideas (reviews, descriptions, commentary, FAQ's) are also my own.

While I have tried to be original, I have on occasion used resources from other sites. I have received direct permission from those authors and I have made sure to cite every one. I have also linked when requested, and those can be found on my Links page. Finally, all pictures were copied to my server and are accessed from it. Not a single picture on this site is linked from another site.

As time has gone by and my resources increased, most of the "borrowed" pics have been phased out.

I've gone through some lengths to get these original pictures for this site (especially in the Art Institute). If you want to use any of the pictures, please ask my permission. Don't be shy, of course I'll say yes. However, since some pictures are not mine to give away, I may refer you to the original owners. Of course, take as many banners as you want!

If you obtain permission, please do not link the pictures to this site. You will need to save them on your computer or server. In other words, you cannot use my server to create your webpage. The same goes with using my pictures as icons and sigs on message boards. Ask first, then save to your own computer, do not use my bandwidth by linking from my site.

Finally, if you feel like stealing my pictures, animations, and sounds, there is really nothing I can do to stop you. I probably won't even bother to track you down. However, it should be noted that with my books and CD-Roms posted on this site, I have plenty of documentation as to where my pics come from. So, if other fans see these pictures on your web page, they'll know you ripped them off of me! And you don't think there's a grapevine for this sort of thing?

See my Contributors page for my sources

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