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Candy Toys

Most of the toys from here on down are known as "candy toys" because they come with a little packet of sugar pill candy (called Bandai Ramune). They are similar to Pez but without any taste, even though the word Ramune is a variation of "lemonade". They get better with age, why else do you think older candy toys cost more?

At any rate, these toys can be found in brilliantly-colored boxes in supermarkets and those crane vending machines (in Japan). Unless you get a set, it is impossible to tell who is in each individual box, but I like being surprised (as long as I got who I wanted afterward!). On the other hand, some sets give the name of the monster on top of the box. I love these things, primarily because they are relatively inexpensive, but also because you get a wide variety of great-looking figures with each set. Most require some assembly, so that just adds to the fun. All of the below are made by Bandai.

Hyper Real Dioramas

This is known as the Hyper Real Series (1995). Each came with a 2.5" monster, vehicles, buildings, and linkable platforms. Burning Godzilla came with the Super X-2 (from vs Biollante), while an F-15 fighter was included with Destoroyah. The buildings are nothing distinguishable. Godzilla seems rather slim with a ridiculously long tail. I like Destoroyah's crouching stance with his claws out, not unlike the advance poster.

These dioramas were one of my first collectibles. At first, I was a little disappointed, as Godzilla and Destoroyah were the same size (in the movie, Destoroyah is taller: 120m to 100m). Then again, none of the sets I obtained would have a totally compatible Godzilla and Destoroyah. Yet, somehow, I found the strength to go on.

With the platforms, buildings, and vehicles, it's too bad I couldn't get the others from this series, I could really amass quite a playset. However, the sets can be rather hard to find (and therefore expensive). It just turned out that all Club Daikaiju had were Destoroyah and Godzilla left from of the set. Gee, how unfortunate J .

Detail of Godzilla and Destoroyah

Mothra DX Set

This set was released after the 1996 Mothra movie. They included two buildings: the Diet Bldg and the Metropolitan Government Tower, both in Tokyo. The bases have a rotating pole to perch Mothra on (allowing her to "fly"), while the other had a rotating stand, that allows Godzilla to swipe his tail.

The 2.5" figures included are Rainbow Mothra and Death Ghidorah (from the Mothra movie), as well as Godzilla, Mothra '92, MechaGhidorah, and MechaGodzilla (with detachable Garuda). The Rodan is from a Trendmaster's egg toy.

This is the first thing I ever won on Ebay. Quite a catch, huh?

Godzilla from the above Hyper Real Diorama was reused in this set, but no orange markings. No Destoroyah, so! why is this set here on this page? Well, the above Hyper Real Destoroyah is compatible with the set! Watch out Akasaka and Shinjuku!

Bandai SD Collections

These are among my favorites. The "SD" means "Super Deformed" and the 1.5" monsters have a squished and somewhat comical look about them. Since they are hollow, they make neat finger puppets. They've been released in five different sets since 1998 and I chose to keep the Godzillas and the Heisei monsters. The 1998 SD Super Collection I & II came with these cards. In 2000, the the Shoshingecki SD Set ("Full Force Attack") included these stickers. In conjunction with the 2001 GMK movie, the Soukougeki SD Set ("All-Out Attack") had these cards. The latest is the 2003 King of the Monsters Club which features SD kaiju reenacting movie scenes, including one with Battra which makes my Heisei monster collection complete.

Of the GvD kaiju: I really like how the Destoroyah looks in this series, very detailed for such a small figure. You can just see all his features would be perfect if he were stretched out. The Soukougeki's Burning Godzilla is translucent orange, with the black painted over it. Certainly a large improvement over the previous sets' Meltdown Godzillas, which was simply a solid orange Heisei Godzilla. The latest KotM Club GvD figure depicts the scene with the aggregate Destoroyahs swarming over Godzilla. Godzilla's shiny burn marks look pretty cool, as do the glossy Destoroyahs (although they could've been painted with more colors). Quite the unique toy.

Detail of Destoroyah and Burning Godzilla and the Destoroyah swarm.

Monster Island Set

I get a lot of use out of this set. This 1998 toy came in two sets, each with a plastic island with falling bridges, exploding mountains, trap doors, all the kaiju fun you can imagine! Best of all, it comes with 26 translucent monsters (1" tall). All the favorites are here: old ones like Baragon, Angillas, and Megalon plus new ones like Battra, Death Ghidorah, and SpaceGodzilla. There are even old and new versions of Rodan, Ghidorah, Godzilla, and MechaGodzilla. Plus the sets include two figures from the TriStar movie.

This is one my favorites, just for the sheer volume of monsters. Gigan, Super MechaGodzilla (with Garuda), Titanosaurus and even Mogera are very representative of their movie forms. I didn't want to list them all, but I think I just might've (except Mothra and King Seesar...oops, got 'em all!). Destoroyah is a disappointment, he's green, his front features look flat, and his wings are folded down.! Godzilla comes in 1962 (King Kong vs G), 1964 (vs Mothra), and Heisei designs, which many of my candy sets feature. I guess Bandai likes those (and 1954), although it would be fun to have some of the 1970's muppet-esque Godzillas.

Detail of Destoroyah and Heisei Godzilla

Perfect Mothra Set

This 1999 Bandai set comes with quite a selection in twelve 2" figures, including: Mogera, SpaceGodzilla, Godzilla Junior, Mothra, Destoroyah, Godzilla, Ghidorah, Death Ghidorah, and MechaGodzilla (with detachable Garuda), split among two sets. In many ways, they resemble smaller versions of the above Mothra DX Set. Also included were a flimsy glittery Cretaceous Ghidorah and Armored Mothra from the Mothra 3 movie (but they weren't worth including in the picture).

The Destoroyah is purple with a sub-par paint job. There were actually two Godzillas, both Heisei designs, which are really well done, one with blue spikes and the other with silver. Perhaps in the future, I might make one a burning Godzilla. My favorite is Junior, great detail and the first non-SD figure I have of him. Plus, he's compatible with the 4" Super and Hyper Godzilla figure sets.

Detail of Godzilla, Destoroyah, and Godzilla Junior

Furikake Figures

Dulce found these in Omaha and surprised me for my birthday. Don't ask me how she did it, but I got all the ones I wanted! Each 1998 colorful box comes with a 1.5" figure and five packets of furikake, a seaweed seasoning for rice (rather than candy). All the packets are illustrated with monster pictures (Godzilla, Biollante, Ghidorah, SpaceGodzilla, and Destoroyah) and movie scenes.

Detail of the Godzilla and Destoroyah furikake packets (which makes popcorn taste great, by the way).

The Destoroyah figure has a dynamic stance, ready to attack. Godzilla looks kind of funny, with the tail up at his side. I was especially ecstatic to get my only Flying Heshotai Destoroyah figure. I'm still amazed that there weren't more of that form released. I've often wondered if it was in the movie simply to sell another toy (it was pretty much an unnecessary phase, since the Final Form could fly). The Little Godzilla works great with my 2.5" figures, like the Mothra DX Set.

Detail of Godzilla, Little Godzilla, and Destoroyahs (note flying form)

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