Adopt a Burning Godzilla

Everyone needs their own kaiju to bring home and love.

Chris of the former Kaiju Adoption Alliance said "This is a very difficult Kaiju to keep on account of the large indoor area required as well as access to some sort of pool (Godzilla loves water) and a steady supply of radiation. The upshot is, like most other monsters, Godzilla has never been seen to eat anything else. Burning Goji (as many playful owners have dubbed him) presents one additional problem as a result of his high core temperatures. Neglectful pet owners have found Burning Goji sometimes accidentally starts things on fire. If a burning Goji is not allowed access to water it will eventually melt down!"

Why adopt a Burning Godzilla?
You can save money on lighting and heating bills. Like steamed veggies? Have Godzilla cook for you

How do you tame/socialize a Burning Godzilla?
Very carefully

What do local laws say about owning a Burning Godzilla?
If anyone hassles you, just send Godzilla to the office in person

Where would a Burning Godzilla sleep?
Alaska, let him go to the Bering Sea, it's a lot colder than Tokyo. Better yet, try a good Nebraska winter

Any special supplies for owning a Burning Goji?
Consider investing in a fire engine and bulk packages of Pepto

What would you feed a Burning Godzilla?
He doesn't really eat much, just keep him away from nuclear reactors. Other than that, I'd recommend ice cream and microwave food.

Can you introduce Burning Godzilla to other pets?
Might be nice to have a Godzilla Junior handy in case something drastic happens

I'm not sure I'm up for the challenge of a Burning Godzilla
You can wuss out and get a "regular" Godzilla

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