Destoroyah Psychology

Much has been made of Godzilla's anthromorphizations (try saying that word 3 times fast), so one wonders if other monsters think or have human qualities. To be a true GvD completist, I must get inside the monsters.

Luckily, one of my books, the GvD Giant Encyclopedia casts some light on this. Let us delve...


"I am so surprised that Junior's beams are so strong"

Here Destoroyah demonstrates an utter lack of foresight. Then again,
if you were buried underground for at least 550 million years,
I suppose there would be an awkward adjustment period.


"Please take care of my teeth, they are my favorite part"

After watching War of the Gargantuas and Frankenstein Conquers the World,
it's refreshing to see a kaiju care about oral hygiene.


Destoroyah did seem like a fairly intelligent monster in the movie (see the size of the brain?).

  • He had the sense to get rid of Junior first. True, Junior was smaller and weaker, but Destoroyah knew a one on one battle with Godzilla was easier than a two-front war.
  • Unlike other monsters, he stopped using an attack when it didn't work. His laser horn did minimal damage to Godzilla, so he never used it again. Destoroyah remembered his ray and tail were much more effective.
  • Finally, he had enough discretion to try to clear out when Godzilla's runaway radiation kicked in.

Thanks to Mr. Aki for translating for me.

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