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Behind the Scenes

Figuring the Godzilla suit was 2m (6.5') tall, the monsters were made at a 1:50 scale. Additionally, there was a model of Godzilla's head used for close-ups and meltdown scenes. Junior was made at a 1:20 scale, since he was smaller than Godzilla, but was still a man in a suit. Because of this scale difference, they used a small Junior puppet for the scene where he met Godzilla at the airport. This Junior puppet was later dropped by Destoroyah.

Putting together Godzilla's head.

The eyeholes for the man in the suit are actually in the neck. From there, he can manipulate Godzilla's face.

Godzilla getting the finishing touches.

It appears that this face was used for his final meltdown scene

A diagram of Godzilla's lighting. Any electrical engineers out there?

People like to make fun of the man in the rubber suit. According to Kalat's book, a suit was stolen during the production of an earlier Godzilla movie.

The assessed value of that "cheesy" suit? $38,000

The glowing was achieved by putting vinyl plates over hundreds of tiny orange light bulbs. The lights were powered by a huge electric cable running out the tail.

Here we see Godzilla Junior's suit in development

Ouch, my back!!


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Mario Artavia, who's been immortalized in my Art Institute, contributed these pictures for my site. He has more from the other movies, too. Most of the pictures came from TV Kun Deluxe Book Series: Godzilla vs Destoroyah Super Collection

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