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DVD Screen Grabs I

Here are some favorite DVD screen captures that I was unable to find elsewhere. I'm sure I'll be adding more DVD pics as time goes by.

Kenichi's toys. Left to right: Bandai Rado-Goji 1993 8" vinyl figure, Bandai Godzilla 1991 14" vinyl figure, M-1 Godzilla Skeleton model kit.

Speaking of toys, here is one of the scenes with the Bandai Aggregate Destoroyahs

I swear this scene looks like snow was falling. What say you?

After the toad-ish Baby G and the hyper-cute Little G, Junior is certainly cut from a different mold

For some reason, I really liked this view of Destoroyah. I remember comparing one of my first Destoroyah figures (4" Super Godzilla series) to see how well it looks from this angle

Have I ever told you how much I like this overhead tracking view? I've also put a card and a CD-Rom capture of this view on my site.

I got this DVD pretty much strictly for screen grabs; I am really going out of my way not to hear the dubbing. So that begs the question: Why do I hate dubbing so much? That's a very good question, but easy to answer. I think dubbing ruins Godziller movies, and I don't want this movie ruined for me. I can see through it like crap through a goose. The mismatched lips and goofy voices are bad enough, but look at what they do to the translations. The scene below is a reaction to Godzilla's final meltdown, a somber scene to be sure. The picture is the English dubbing you'll hear on the DVD, while the text on the right is from my subtitled video translation. Which one has more "oomph"? So, no, this is not beyond our present understanding.

  Yukari: "We are paying for our sins"
  Dr Ijuin: "Paying for them?"
  Yukari: "Our sin, playing with science and nuclear energy"

  But still... you may think my GvD dubbing boycott is childish.
  Then to you I say: "banana oil!"


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