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Behind the Scenes
Computer Graphics

While the Japanese may have the technology to make stunning computer effects, they choose not to invest Hollywood budgets into their films. These don't really count as CGI (computer generated images), these impressive sequences were used as computer simulations to explain movie events.

This first sequence demonstrated what may happen if Godzilla exploded

Notice the Diet Building, revisited from the 1954 movie

With the force of many nuclear bombs, Tokyo would be blasted, disintegrating the city

Then the fire would rise into the atmosphere...

Destroying Japan and all life on Earth


The Super X3 managed to stop the explosion, but a new danger emerged: meltdown, which also threatened the world. While the movie didn't explain this very well, the computer sequence looked pretty cool

They said a China Syndrome effect would occur. Shouldn't it have been a "Brazil Syndrome" since that is what's under Japan?


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