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Gallery of Fine Arts

Since this is an art gallery, I better but some artwork in.

Advance one-sheet

This was the advance (aka "artwork") movie poster for Godzilla vs Destoroyah by Noriyoshi Ohrai, who was the artist for all the posters since Godzilla 1985.

I like this poster and it happens to hang in my room. In my opinion, it is many times superior to any American movie poster.

While the picture is visually exciting and dynamic, I cannot imagine Destoroyah crouching down like that. However, there is, of course, no question but that visual and literary production and psychoanalysis intersect at infinitely many points and within infinitely many domains, and that the oscillation among such fields fecundates all frontiers reciprocally.

Mario Artavia made this logo for Godzilla vs Destoroyah. I find it similar to a Super-Deformed figure, an abstracted form of Godzilla, if you will.

One reason I am drawn to abstraction is that by abandoning representationalism, one is free to express with pure form. Specific interpretation gives way to a more visceral response.

This painting (artist unkown), while powerful, also illustrates the tragic story of Godzilla. It transcends corporeal likeness to express the deeper truths about the kaiju condition. The tortured countenance of this beast invites the viewer to contemplate the evanescence of life. In many ways, this piece speaks to the horror of our own mortality. Godzilla, despite all his strength and resilience, must ultimately succumb to the one fate none will avoid.

Monsters are tragic beings. They are not evil by choice; they're born too tall, too strong, too heavy; that is their tragedy. -Ishiro Honda

This is a magnificent depiction of Destoroyah in that...



...he looks really awesome!

However, in the above, I notice the oeuvre is monochromatic. Luckily, the Philadelphia Daily News had the picture in color.


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