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Japan's Military

G-Force and JSDF

Since 1952, the Japanese military is known as the JSDF, the Japan Self-Defense Forces (logo above). The treaty with the US after WWII prevents Japan from having full military forces, they just call it a defense force. The JGSDF, which appears on the Super X3 commander's hat, stands for the Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces. There is also the JASDF (Air) and JMSDF (Maritime) for the Air Force and Navy branches, respectively. The G-FORCE and JSDF seemed to work hand-in-hand in the movie, so I may as well use them interchangeably.



Why do they keep making those maser tanks? Those things must be prohibitively expensive, but they never hurt a monster and end up getting smashed in every movie.

And yet, they keep making new ones!

On a side note, the maser tanks are very familiar with non-G fans. It's a sad testament to how common the two of the worst G movies are in the US: vs Gigan and vs Megalon, the only non-Heisei movies to feature them.


Also returning to the fray were the double-barrelled maser tanks from vs Mothra.

In this picture from vs MechaGodzilla, we see a group of F-2 (FS-X) jets flying above the tanks. They are modified from the F-16 design, but more advanced. These fighters did not appear in GvD.


At least in this movie, they tried a new tactic: cryogenic freeze rays! Just in time for Godzilla's meltdown and low temps just happened to be Destoroyah's weakness. Those Japanese are nothing if not crafty.

In addition to being refitted with "super-low temperature cannons", freeze missile launchers were added to both tanks.

Type-90 MBT (Main Battle Tank)

The tanks in the movie are called Type-90 MBT (Main Battle Tank) and is a Japanese equivalent of the US's M1A2 Abrams. It looks similar to the Leopard 2 tank of Germany and has the same 120mm gun as both the Abrams and Leopard 2.

Learn more about the Type-90 tank.

DD "Hatsuyuki" Class Destroyer

I never liked scenes with Godzilla near naval ships, it makes them look horribly out of scale. I think I know why Godzilla is ignoring it... one Destroyer is enough (ha ha!)

UH-1H "Huey"

The boat and copter followed Godzilla and kept tabs on his temperature. He must really be distracted by his state, he's missing out on two targets.

AH-64 Apache

Even though the Apache helicopters are featured on the advance poster, this CGI scene was their only appearance, (I was disappointed). Then again, this is probably to be expected since Japan doesn't have Apaches. The JGSDF uses the older AH-1S Cobra gunship.

The Tokyo International Port Terminal in Harumi served as the headquaters for the JSDF's attack on the Destoroyahs.

The Military in Action

Thanks to Nora Quinto and Steven Hubbard for explaining the JSDF weapons. Like the JSDF logo up there?

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