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Godzilla Exposition I

Next, we come to one of Godzilla's rooms. You might've noticed I put Destoroyah before Godzilla. But I'm not showing too much favoritism to Destoroyah, as this page shows:

Here is Godzilla acting as an urban renewal engineer in Hong Kong

Freezing a monster in place. Now why didn't they think of this before Godzilla got to his meltdown stage?

Good thing they froze himů he looks a little steamed!

 The old series vs Heisei series may be debated forever among G-fans. Few, however, disagree that Godzilla's fire looks more impressive now.

Godzilla's death scene was very moving, with the radiation and life-force spewing forth with Ifukube's haunting music.

Why didn't Destoroyah get such a cool death scene?


And one more of Godzilla, in all his glory!


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