Alternate Ending
Destoroyah's Death

While Godzilla's death got all the attention, this movie also proved to be Destoroyah's Waterloo. Whereas Godzilla got his own scene and requiem, Destoroyah unceremoniously fell on the ground after being shot by the Super X-3.

This is what actually happened in the movie:

Unable to handle Godzilla's runaway radiation, Destoroyah tried to beat a hasty retreat. But the JSDF, whom only minutes ago were rooting for Destoroyah to win, viciously turned on him with their freeze rays.



Wings torn, a frozen Destoroyah was unable to stay aloft and came crashing down to earth.


He landed in a huge white puff, allowing Godzilla to take center stage and die with dignity.


But it all could've been so different...

Alternative Ending

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