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The Japanese
vs the monsters

What did the people do while this was going on?

First of all, a primer of the forces countering Godzilla and his wholesale-sized pals:

  • UNGCC: United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center: The UN body in charge of dealing with Godzilla. However, other than a few token American actors, it looks like Japan is on its own.
  • G-Force: The militant wing of the UNGCC. Commander Aso, Miki, and Meru were members of this.
  • SUMP: Special Unit Metropolitan Police: Tokyo's SWAT team.
  • JSDF: Japan Self-Defense Forces: I hope we never get in another war with Japan. How will we combat all the maser tanks, Super Xs, and especially Mogera or MechaGodzilla? More about the JSDF in The Military.


Now that that's out of the way, what exactly did the people do?

At the G-Summit , they sat around a table discussing (arguing about) ways to stop Godzilla's imminent meltdown.

This keen group is also responsible for coming up with inventive appellations: "No! We should call him Godzilla Junior."

They discussed bringing the oxygen destroyer from 1954 back to destroy Godzilla. However, as the film progressed, this was apparently dropped.

More about the human drama (the first half anyway) is in my About the Critique FAQs.

They flew around in helicopters a lot. I mean a lot! Yet the cool Apaches only showed up in one scene.

G-Force HQ was in Tsukuba Science City, a relatively new high tech area just north of Tokyo.

Mysterious creatures were infesting a building in Aomi. The police were called to investigate.

The Metropolitan Police Force were surprisingly well armed (could explain Japan's low crime rate).

However, their tactics proved fruitless against the Destoroyahs. It left the Destoroyahs free to roam around and spend what seemed like an hour trying to get to Yukari in the car.

After Destoroyah smashed the military, he terrorized the populace of Tokyo.

With all four of the listed forces utterly failing to stop Godzilla or Destoroyah, it comes down to two psychics.

Meru is a cutey, isn't she?

I think Miki and Meru should have lured Junior to North Korea or China and let them handle Godzilla's meltdown.

They spent the rest of the movie watching the action from helicopters and the G-Force HQ.

How much of the taxpayers' money was used up on the elaborate designs the walls had?

Many of the above pics came from my Godzilla vs Destoroyah Film Comic book.
Thanks to "Wolf" and John Stobo for interpreting Japan's alphabet soup listed above (via

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