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I recommend all the dealers listed here. I've done business with all of them and have been perfectly satisfied (even with returns). Besides dealers, I've included personal homepages that deal with collecting. For a more complete listing of dealers:
Kaiju-Direct: Godzilla Goods.

Club Daikaiju

(Dealer) My favorite dealer. Jim is very helpful and answered many of my questions concerning toys and movie info on this page. Sadly, his store has closed.

Creature Feature Productions

(Dealer) My first Godzilla store experience, I dropped by while in Boston. Fabian has just about everything a Godzilla fan could want with frequent shipments to his store. A fascinating place, especially the huge Godzilla suit he has displayed and figures hanging from the ceiling. Rather than e-mail, it's best to call him with orders and questions.

Showcase Collectibles

(Dealer) Great source for figures and CDs as well as subtitled videos. Replete with a hard case and excellent, wide-screen quality. To appreciate Godzilla fully, watch the subtitled versions. You'll be amazed how much bad dubbing distracts.

Clawmark Toys

(Dealer) A recent addition to kaiju fandom, an excellent source for Godzilla stuff, especially since it's located in Japan. Don't let postal rates or delivery time worry you, since they're near a US military base they can send stuff close to US rates.

Chibi Goji Toys

(Dealer) This web site is very entertaining, I could tell "GojiGirl" had tons of fun making it. Her quips, commentary, eyeballs, and dancing gifs certainly caught my attention! The best part is when I ordered from her, I got all this extra free stuff (like stickers, notepads, candy, etc)! Plus, it's a good place to get loose candy toys, if you don't need the whole sets.

Kimono My House

(Dealer) This place has an absolutely enormous selection of Godzilla items. Note that I said items, not just toys. Besides the requisite figures and models, this is a terrific place to get Godzilla clocks, magnets, keychains, and even t-shirts. There are pictures of everything, even my Faces of Godzilla t-shirt I got in Boston (which they let me use their picture for).

GodzillaShop by Outer Limits

(Dealer) Another recent addition to the Godzilla collectibles scene, they have a knack for getting things a little earlier than other places. If you're impatient to get the latest movie tie-ins, this is the place to go!

Godzilla Ebay

You'll be overwhelmed by all the different Godzilla items! Around 1000 daily are posted on this online auction. Once in a great while, I might have some auctions going on myself, as Dulce82

Club Tokyo

Think of it as a museum of Godzilla toys. Scans, pictures, labels, and personal insights. Any Godzilla collector needs to consult this site. Yes, those are my Super Walk Destoroyah and Furikake Figures featured.

100 Greatest Godzilla Collectibles     *     G Collecting FAQ

Ghostlord's Kaiju Model Page

Kind of the Club Tokyo for models. He has great pictures of the complete kits and dioramas. I like the detail of models, but I don't have the skill to make them look worth their high prices. His page has terrific model pics of the Tsukuda Destoroyah model, Zokei Kobo Appearance of Godzilla 1995 diorama, plus Kenichi's M-1 Godzilla Skeleton featured in the movie:

Godzilla Vinyl Mania

Want to see some dedicated Godzilla fans? The page features Godzilla Fan Collections, where people send in pictures of their collections. We're talking entire rooms full of figures! I also like how each person gave their thoughts on their five favorite toys.

JP's Godzilla Room

Full of personal insights on models and figures. My favorite is his page about Destoroyah toys, naturally. Very helpful to Godzilla collectors, especially beginners. Take a look at his Destoroyah section, too.


This site has the coolest intro page of anybody. If you're looking for something to do, just come here and play with Godzilla for a while. The Bandai Figures section is especially thorough, with lots of pictures. Plus, this site is ideal for kids.


G-Fan is the original Godzilla fanzine, with lots of articles, pictures, and fan fiction submissions. Past issues are especially interesting to me, as you can follow movies as they were released, including opinions and reviews (issue #20 is my favorite).

GodzillaC List

Put out by Yahoo Groups, you can join this e-mail list to discuss Godzilla collectibles with other fans and collectors.

Aki Oriental

(Dealer) I would be remiss without mentioning my single greatest source of Godzilla items. My favorite store in Omaha (no web page, but it's at 4425 S. 84th if you're in the neighborhood). Nebraska is not a hotbed of Japanese import toys (surprised?), that's why I was grateful for this store.

Hawaii Sources

(Dealers) A listing of Honolulu collectible stores where I've found some Godzilla items. A July 2000 Honolulu Star-Bulletin had an article on Japanese toys.

Collector Maniacs: 3571 Waialae Ave, Kaimuki
Toys n' Joys: 3620 Waialae Ave, Kaimuki; also in Aiea
Shirokiya Dept Store: Ala Moana Center, Honolulu
Jelly's Books: 98-023 Hekaha St, Aiea
Daiei: 801 Kaheka St, Honolulu


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