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A lot of the contents of these pages are from my own observations, numerous screening, extensive research, lengthy discussions, introspective thought, inimitable wit, and totally objective analyses. However, I still must give credit where it's due.

It's very important to me that I give credit to my sources for a number of reasons:


Non-Godzilla sources

First of all, thanks to Fortune City for offering me a free 20MB (later 100MB) home page. Yeah, they went too far with the banners and pop-up ads, so a change was in order. However, they helped me get this site started. By the way, are sick of those pop-up ads? Download this free Pop-Up Stopper.

Thanks to ArisHost for giving me a nice way to register for my domain name and have ad-free hosting. Here is my page as it was meant to be seen. Thanks to my brother-in-law Dennis Belen for suggesting that site.

Thanks to FG&A:Free Gifs & Animations for offering me a webcounter and registering my site with different engines. Typing Godzilla vs Destroyer, Destoroyah, etc will bring you to my page from different search engines (such as Yahoo, Excite, Planetsearch, Hotbot, AOL Netfind, Webcrawler and Google, among others). "Godzilla vs Destroyer (or Destoroyah)" seems to work the best. Speaking of Yahoo, you can now type "Godzilla" and the page will appear in the "Godzilla Series" list.

Thanks to V3 Internet Identity service for giving me an easier URL.

Most of the pages were made by Microsoft Word 97 using a lot of tables. I used MS Photo Editor to adjust the pictures and Notepad to fine-tune the HTML. Cool Edit fixed my ADPCM wav files, AudioGrabber ripped mp3s off my CDs (which are no longer up), and QuickEditor captured pictures and sound effects from Quicktime clips from my CD-Roms. My animated gifs were created using Gif Movie Gear. Those programs can be downloaded from sites like or any website featuring free downloads.


Material sources

A special thanks to Ramonette Agustin, who obtained the Super Walk Destoroyah for me. If I liked Destoroyah before, this DX figure built him up to the shrine that is my web page.

Thanks to Dennis Hubbard for his non-digital camera photos of my figures, including the 1-inch figures. An extraordinary effort.

Thanks to Chester Gueverra and Mike Directo for letting me borrow their digital cameras to take shots of my collection.

A lot of the pictures, icons, sound clips, and screen shots are from the Godzilla Movie Studio Tour CD-ROM by Premier Systems. I found it at a Best Buy store in Lincoln for about $20, in English even!

The imported Godzilla Digital Gallery CD-ROM from Toho provided many pictures, particularly in my Art Institute section.

Some information and pictures were gleaned from The Official Godzilla Compendium (Random House 1998). Plus the book revived my interest in Godzilla.

Many pictures came from my Japanese Godzilla books; notably the "Big Four": Special Graphix, TV Kun Deluxe Super Collection, Toho SF Special Effects Film Series, and Uchusen Special Issue .

G-Fan magazine provided many tidbits about the movie. Whatever my thoughts were about the GvD reviews in issue #20, I can say I got a lot of movie questions answered from them.

Kaiju-Fan magazine was also helpful in getting word out about my page. Thank you for selecting my page to be featured in Kaiju Bytes (Issue #11)!

David Kalat's A Critical History and Filmography of Toho's Godzilla Series and Steve Ryfle's Japan's Favorite Mon-Star; The Unauthorized Biography of "The Big G" (both in English) gave me many fascinating facts and insights about the film. These can be found at

The Internet Movie Database ( is a great place to look up facts on this movie, esp for my Closing Credits. Check out what page was selected for IMDB's Miscellaneous Links.


People sources (see also the my Links page)

Thanks to Mark Christensen, who's Guillame site inspired me to stop worrying and learn to love the web.

Thanks to Connie Goodnow for making me a bunch of GvD MIDI music files "with the express intention of you putting it on your site." A terrific job that I'm extremely grateful for! More excellent midis can be found at her Conster's Museum of Godzilla site.

Thanks to Mike Johnson at Club Tokyo for the toy collection names and answers to my questions. Yes, that's my Super Walk Destoroyah he has featured. A special thanks for taking digital photos of my Godzilla Proclamation and Perfect Mothra figures until I got my own pics taken.

Thanks to Michele Price at Godzilla's Corner for helping me improve my collectibles pictures. Guess I can spend wait on the digital camera!

Thanks to Gertrude Smith for putting my page on the Kaiju-Direct Index. It appears as "Michael's Godzilla and Destoroyah Page". Additionally, other sections of my page can be directly accessed.

Thanks to Mario Artavia at Mario's Godzilla Page for the behind-the-scenes photos. I also appreciate him offering me extra pictures not on his page.

Thanks to John Parkinson at JP's Godzilla Room for the Super Walk Destoroyah picture

Thanks to Mark Obert for getting me Japanese postcards of Godzilla's stomping grounds.

Thanks to Logan Payne at Logan's Godzilla vs King Ghidorah Site for the digital camera shots of my big Vinyl Destoroyah, as well as the many toy news and eBay updates.

Thanks to James Giarraputo at Godzilla Vinyl Mania for giving me the idea to photograph my whole collection for his site. Although my collection cannot compare to the others on that page, it's nice to know I'm the most specialized.

Thanks to Nora Quinto and Steven Hubbard for volunteering information and sites dealing with the military vehicles.

Thanks to Aaron Smith at MonsterZero for answering my many questions, especially in designing the page. He gets the honorary title of "Webmaster" and is entitled to all benefits and privileges thereof. Oh, and thanks for the great Kaiju-Fan write-up!

Thanks to Chris Scalf for permitting me to use his burning Godzilla artwork

Thanks to David Milner for allowing me to use excerpts and information from his Kaiju Conversations interviews.

Thanks to Barry Goldberg at Barry's Temple of Godzilla for giving me permission to use the torching Godzilla horizontal lines, the music clip on my Title page, and the advice about the sound clips. In my opinion, Barry's has one of the best Godzilla sites on the whole World Wide Web.

Thanks to Chris Holland at Stomp Tokyo for help with the pop-up window links. I was happy to be a source for his GvD review.

Thanks to Jim Cirronella at Club Daikaiju for letting me use pictures from his site until I got this one up and running. He not only answered many questions about the movie and various collectibles, but is also my favored toy source. Speaking of sources, I got my videos from Showcase Collectibles and bought other figures and books at Creature Feature Productions, Collector's Edge, Clawmark Toys, Tokyo Kid, Kimono My House, Cool Stuff Videos, Chibi Goji Toys and Omaha's Aki Oriental.

Thanks to Larry Tuczynski at Godzilla and other Monster Music for helping me obtain Godzilla music CDs.

Thanks to Chris Moon of the former Kaiju Adoption Agency for letting me use his DVD player to capture images. Thanks also for giving me a Burning G and Destoroyah to adopt.

Thanks to Robb Satterwhite at Tokyo Meltdown for answering my Tokyo architecture questions and allowing "Meltie" to visit. He thought enough of my On Location section to put a link on his Tokyo architecture page! He also serves as my all-important contact in Japan.

Thanks to my many friends I've had correspondence with over the progress of this page. Their advice, contributions, and encouragement were invaluable to this page: Mark Bulley, Geof LeBaron, Dustin Buchanan, and many others. Include Charles Ulanowski for sending me pictures out of the blue.

And how can I forget my many conversations with Rossana Ganuza, Steven Hubbard, Lowry Stiles, and Doug Barrett?

Although this list is in no particular order, I want to conclude with Jim Walsh and Bruce Sussman, my two closest G-friends and the only ones able to keep up with me.

Again, thanks to everyone!

-Michael Hubbard

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