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 Miscellaneous Collectibles

Here are some more collectibles I couldn't really put elsewhere. Again, this is by no means my whole
collection, but I wanted to include things that had a Godzilla vs Destoroyah slant.

Flory's Destoroyah Keychain

During my wedding on Martha's Vineyard, we visited some of the Godzilla stores near Boston. My friend Flory picked up this leather keychain for me as a wedding gift. My friend Doug from Texas also got me one after Flory's wore out.

Put out by Concorde, it depicts an SD Destoroyah from the "LitGodzi" line. I try really hard to ignore the Bambi eyes, but the Destoroyah looks pretty accurate with the wings, horns, and other features in the right places.

Detail of the keychain

Godzilla 1995 Bust

Some people put Beethoven busts on their pianos. But if I had one, surely this statue would grace mine. Made by Banpresto in 1998, it is about six inches tall and made of hollow soft vinyl. A small green plate on the front has the title of the GvD movie.

A very realistic rendering of Godzilla's head, chest, and dorsal spikes, it certainly is a striking addition to my collection.

GvD Artwork Poster

Japanese advance one-sheet. Very attractive. Needless to say, I have this 20x28" poster mounted on my wall.

I also have (left to right) a reprint of the orignal Godzilla 1954 poster, a GvD poster from a Japanese TV Magazine, and a 7x10" theatrical GvD chirashi mini-poster.


GvD Wall Scroll

This roll-up scroll features a reversed GvD Artwork poster, minus the red border and titles. While the cloth material lacks the crisp detail of the regular poster, the colors are striking. The most impressive quality is its colossal 32x44" size. This thing is huge, even bigger than the 29x40" movie posters!

Apparently, these scrolls are pretty popular. You see them all over the place, especially ones featuring anime characters.

Godzilla Digital Gallery CD-ROM

Japanese CD-ROM with 400 Godzilla pictures (60 from GvD alone!). All are full-screen pictures from the various movies. Also included are mouse chasers and slide-show screensavers. This is a Japanese import CD-ROM and is very difficult to obtain.

Warning: Do not use this at work and expect to get anything accomplished.

Movie Soundtrack CD

Finally! Now I got Akira Ifukube's complete score to Godzilla vs Destoroyah on this import CD. The track listing can be found at

Want to hear some of the music? My friend Conster created these surprisingly faithful MIDI renditions for my site:

Main Title   *   Junior's Theme   *   Requiem   *   End Titles          

1996 GvD Calendar

A 12-month calendar featuring huge pictures from Godzilla vs Destoroyah. Spread out, the bi-monthly pages measure 12"x24"! It's a 1996 calendar, so I can't use it every year. The next leap year with Jan 1st on a Monday is 2024. However, after March 1st I was able to use it for 2002!

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