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The Japanese

Who were the people in the movie?

Miki Saegusa
Megumi Odaka

A psychic and a fixture in every Heisei movie. Perhaps her best performance, she stopped falling in love and went back to her roots: chasing Godzilla. Her psychic powers are waning, so she needs Meru's help. A controversial figure among some fans, she lured Junior to his battle and ultimate death vs Destroyer.

Yukari Yamane
Yôko Ishino

Newscaster who draws a comparison between micro-oxygen and the oxygen destroyer. She is later attacked by a Human-sized Destroyer, but spends the rest of the movie watching the battle. I can't decide who's prettier, her or Meru.

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Kenichi Yamane
Yasfumi Hayashi

College kid who was the son of Shinkichi (the bald kid in Godzilla '54). Discovers why Godzilla is glowing and suggests using the oxygen destroyer and later Destroyer to kill Godzilla. He joins G-Force after having a crush on Miki. Then he makes a great first impression by telling her Little G is dead.

I want his Godzilla collection, especially that skeleton. At least he's smart enough not to let them slide in the dirt.

Dr. Kensaku Ijuin
Tatsumi Takuro

Scientist who develops micro-oxygen and figures out freezing will counteract it. I think he fell in love with Yukari, maybe. The second half of the movie abandoned all that (although he did get to ride in the news copter with her).

Lt. Sho Kuroki
Masashiro Takashima

Super X3 commander who freezes Godzilla and leads the final assault on Destroyer and later Godzilla. The character (Kuroki) also commanded the forces in vs Biollante. The popular Japanese actor (Takashima) appeared in vs MechaGodzilla and other Toho movies.

Commander Takaki Aso
Akira Nakao

G-Force commander. Same commander in vs MechaGodzilla and vs SpaceGodzilla. Not the most successful soldier, but everyone seems to like him. He enjoys spending time lounging in his Godzilla chair.

Meru Ozawa
Sayaka Osawa

A gifted psychic trained in America and brought to the G-Force. She helps Miki lure Junior to Tokyo. Sayaka played one of the Cosmos (Mothra twins) in vs Mothra and vs SpaceGodzilla. Okay, Yukari's the prettiest, Meru is the cutest.

Professor Fukazawa
Sabura Shinoda

I really don't know what his purpose was. In the relative safety of G-Force HQ, he watched the final battle, giving commentary once in a while. He reprised his role from vs Mothra: "This is beyond our present understanding"

Emiko Yamane
Momoko Kochi

Reprises role from 1954 movie. She warns against bringing back the oxygen destroyer. While she provided a link with the original movie, she was underutilized to a few scenes in the beginning

On the other hand, it was a welcome contrast to her over-acting in the original

The best actress, in my opinion, was Megumi Odaka (as Miki Saegusa). I actually got a lump in my throat seeing her crying as Godzilla was melting down. Usually, I ignore the people in Godzilla movies, so this is saying a lot about my opinion of her.

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Only one other person in a Godzilla movie gave me a "reaction". That was Kumi Mizuno wearing a sarong/bikini in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (vs the Sea Monster).

Thanks to Jim Walsh, Jim Cirronella, and Kalat's book for the above info.

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