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Little Godzilla Shrine

Only Godzilla Junior appeared in Godzilla vs Destroyer. But I like Little Godzilla and
I'm going to include him (Hey, it's my page, I can do what I want).

Little Godzilla (aka Little one, Chibi Gojira) appeared on Birth Island with Godzilla in vs SpaceGodzilla, mischievously playing around the gas mines that were supposed to trap the bigger Godzilla. After a brief battle with the powerful SpaceGodzilla, Little G was captured and imprisoned by his enemy, despite efforts by Godzilla to protect him. After his father defeats SpaceGodzilla, Little G is released. The producers said that Little G's form showed his transformation from Godzillasaurus (Baby G) to radioactive monster. It is in this movie that he begins to breathe fire (well, actually he blew bubbles). So, his "peculiar" design had nothing to do with Toho's attempt to capture the female market that made Mothra so popular. Nope, nothing at all.

My thoughts: Many Godzilla fans didn't like Little G, comparing him to a stuffed toy or (egad!) Barney. While I agree he looks a little out of scale with Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla, I still consider Little G to be a bright spot in the film. He exhibited a bravery by taking on SpaceGodzilla not seen since Mothra took on Ghidorah (1964). Besides, ain't he just the cutest? (awww!) Anyway, some fans must like him. That his original vinyl figure commands $175 shows there's some demand out there.

The meltdown at Birth Island caused Little Godzilla to grow and mutate into Godzilla Junior.

Hear Little Godzilla's roar


30 m (98 feet)
8,000 tons


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C'mon Bruce, how can you look at Little G and not smile?

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