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Godzilla In Nebraska

My brother Steven showed me how to do this in Windows Paint, so I figured I'd make the most of it while I lived in Lincoln, Nebraska (as seen in Kaiju Fan #11).



Here is Godzilla visiting the Nebraska state capitol in Lincoln

Get out of the way, you silly fool!



Looks like Dulce has made a friend in the corn field



No! Not our most beloved landmark!!

You'll notice how calm the teams and crowd are. Nothing can distract us from Husker football!

Or is it that I had Kawakita do these mattes?


One more thing I've noticed: Click on the guy with the red shirt to see his excellent tastes!!

Actually, there's a little more to this. The guy wearing red happens to be Mr. Ito, Destoroyah's sculptor (a man after my tastes in more ways than one)*


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* Thanks to Jim Cirronella of Club Daikaiju for telling me that Husker fan was Mr. Ito. Does this mean Destoroyah was designed as a metaphor for the 1995 national champion Nebraska juggernaut (they're both red, right?)

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