One of the major things that set Godzilla vs Destoroyah apart was the dark, somber tone. This was reflected in flashbacks to the original
Godzilla 1954.


Destoroyah, of course, was the offspring of the device (not weapon) on the left; the oxygen destroyer invented by Dr. Serizawa. The word "oxygen destroyer" was intentionally not uttered until halfway through the movie, demonstrating just how horrible it was.

After the Oxygen Destroyer was mentioned, Emiko dreams of her experience back in '54, showing the destroyer dissolving the fish. She wakes in a cold sweat, recalling the horrid device.



Using Emiko Yamane (Momoko Kochi), rather than Ogata (Akira Takarada) or Serizawa (Akihito Hirata) was an excellent idea.
This was the only Godzilla movie after '54 that Kochi did, therefore giving the role a unique impact. Takarada and Hirata,
on the other hand, showed up in other movies albeit as different characters (both were in Ebirah (vs Sea Monster)
with Hirata even sporting an eye patch!).

Another suggestion might've been Dr Yamane (Takashi Shimura), as he was the one who "discovered" Godzilla. However, Mr. Shimura has long since departed this vale of tears.

Watching the movies, I did find another parallel. At the Telecom Center, Dr. Ijuin was trying to break a police line saying he was a scientist and warning them about using fire. Much like when Dr. Yamane did the same thing telling them not to use lights to anger Godzilla.

Kenichi and Yukari's father was Shinkichi, whom Dr. Yamane adopted after his parents were killed when Godzilla attacked the village on Ohto Island.


The Oxygen Destroyer

According to Dr. Serizawa, he discovered an "unknown form of energy" while researching oxygen. The device "splits oxygen atoms into fluid" and then disintegrates the oxygen. Living things affected by this die of asphyxiation and their remains are liquified by the oxygen destroyer. Dr. Ijuin remarked that had the device been used on land, Tokyo would be a graveyard.

Mystery Solved!

I asked a while back how Godzilla could reappear in 1984 after dissolving in 1954. I've heard some intriguing answers, but I am most convinced by what my friend Jim said. "It was a different monster!" Why, you ask? Well, Jim heard it from Ken Satsuma and Haruo Nakajima. Who better to trust than the guys who actually were Godzilla?


An attentive eye might notice other brief scenes that paid homage to Godzilla 1954


Dr Yamane's stegosaurus
Dulce my love!

The Wako Bldg

And the Diet Bldg

The last two were shown during the simulated Tokyo meltdown sequence.
Both of the above buildings are also featured in my
On Location section

The movie was released in the US as Godzilla, King of the Monsters (1956). Gojira is pronounced (Go-dzee-la).

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