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About Godzilla Junior

AKA: Junior (not Minya or Godzooky)

Height: 40 m (131 feet)

Weight: 15,000 tons

Background: As Godzilla's adopted son, Baby Godzilla hatched out of an egg stolen from Rodan in G vs MechaGodzilla and later grew into Little Godzilla in G vs SpaceGodzilla. According to Ken Satsuma (who plays Godzilla), Junior "is supposed to be the baby of a cousin." For simplicity's sake, I'll just call him "son" and Godzilla "dad".

Godzilla Junior first appeared off the Japanese coast after the Birth Island disaster, which mutated him from Little Godzilla. Basically a docile creature, he had no interest in attacking Japan: he merely wanted to get home to Adonoa Island in the Bering Sea. However, he was lured to Tokyo in the hope that Godzilla would follow, allowing Destoroyah to perhaps kill Godzilla before his radiation got too high. Instead, it was Junior who got the brunt of Destoroyah's attack.

What becomes of Junior? Click here to find out (Warning: Spoiler of epic proportions!). I should add the kaiju in Godzilla 2000 and the subsequent movies is not Godzilla Junior. Different continuities have been started in the newer movies.

Strengths: A scrappy fighter, he never retreated from Destoroyah. His newly-acquired atomic breath was able to dismember his foe, finally knocking him into a power station. Later, his regenerative powers allowed him to apparently shrug off the effects of Destoroyah's injected micro-oxygen.

Weaknesses: A high susceptibility to psychic influence, perhaps too trusting of the humans he befriended as a baby. Not quite fully mature, he was obviously over-matched by the Aggregate Destoroyah physically. Godzilla Junior got blasted, knocked around, and finally injected with micro-oxygen. In the end, it was Godzilla Jr's small size that did him in, when the Final Form was able to pick up a helpless Junior and smash him onto the ground.

Hear Junior's roar again.


Godzilla Junior Biology


Dinner Time!!

(let's see those PETA people whine to a 15,000 ton monster...)

Did Junior Die?

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