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Japan's Military
Super X-III


Like nearly every other Heisei movie, this one featured a "mecha"; in this case being the Super X-3.
It looks like the JGSDF learned from making the expensive giant robots: If you're going to have a device
that will just fire an array of weapons at a distance, do you really need a huge, cumbersome, and
resource-wasting 150,000 ton robot? "MBS" stands for "Main Battle Ship".


The Super X-III was equipped with a "super-low temperature laser". The armor was resistant enough to handle blasts from Godzilla's red blast. The ship carried a complement of cadmium missiles, which work to neutralize Godzilla's atomic breath (as they did in Godzilla 1985). Finally, freeze missiles could be launched from under the wings.

In the movie, the Super-X3, using a mix of its freeze ray and cadmium missiles was able to halt Godzilla's
explosion in the Bungo Channel. Later, its freeze ray was able to help knock down Destoroyah, but was not
strong enough to prevent Godzilla's meltdown.


Max Speed:

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38.5m (127 ft)
58.7m (194 ft)
7.4m (24 ft)
220 tons
Mach 1.7
3 soldiers


About the Super X-III, designer Shinji Nishikawa said: "The Super X III was described as a silver,
bat-shaped stealth aircraft in the vs Destoroyah story outline. So, I designed an aircraft that resembled
the Northrop Flying Wing… The final design really is the product of many different people."


  Super X

 Super X-II

The Super X appeared in Godzilla 1985 and the Super X-2 was in vs Biollante. The Super X-3
was certainly the most aerodynamic, and in my opinion, the most aesthetic.

Thanks to David Milner's interview with Shinji Nishikawa for some of the above information

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