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Destoroyah Exposition

This is the first Destoroyah room. Of course, there are Destoroyah pictures all over this web page. But these are just a few of my favorites, in no particular order.

Most of these are from Godzilla Super Battle, my first Japanese Godzilla book.

My Destoroyah toys come in all colors: brown, red, green, gray, blue. But never in my favorite color. So I'm happy Destoroyah showed up in purple here!


Here we have a huge close-up of Destoroyah, similar in size to my Super Walk Destoroyah picture!


It's often been asked how something as bulky as the Final Form Destoroyah can fly. Well, just like this!

Any more silly questions?


But I do concede he looks more graceful flying in his Heshotai form


Here we have a "baby picture" (if you will) of the Kurotai Destoroyah. Feed him fish and watch him grow!


I'm going backwards, huh? Well, I said no particular order, right? This is Dr. Serizawa's oxygen destroyer that killed Godzilla in 1954. It created an environment that allowed Destoroyah (the creature) to thrive.


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Like the frames on the pictures? It was Dulce's idea from her squirrel page!

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