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SuperWalk Destoroyah

This is my pièce de résistance: the preeminent Destoroyah toy.

My beloved SuperWalk Destoroyah is over 12" tall, 24" long, with a huge 20" wingspan. Batteries allow him to walk, flap his wings, and roar. He is covered with a glossy rubber skin, which stretches as he walks and roars, making it look very realistic. I just can't tell you enough about how much I love this thing. Heck, I even have the box on display because it looks so awesome. My best friend Ramonette got it for me from Shirokiya, a Japanese department store in Honolulu. Needless to say, she found it substantially cheaper than other sources (try $40).

I've waited a long time for the pictures to make this shrine, the initial raison d'etre for this whole site. Destoroyah is my favorite monster, and it is a dream come true that I got such a realistic one to display with my collection. My most prized Godzilla possession needed its own page. This DX motorized figure is so photogenic that I even debated putting this page in the Art Institute. I didn't thumbnail these pics since I like them so much, so give them a few seconds, please.

Tell me this is not the quintessential
kansentai Destoroyah

Flip the switch and watch him bellow!

The whole Destoroyah gets into it as he walks. Legs move and wings flap. The legs even pull the rubber making his arms sway!

"You really think Irys, Orga, or MechaG '02 are better than me? Well, here's how I would look to them! These knee horns would work fine for those puny 50-meter monsters"

Just like the movie, Destoroyah is a whole head taller than Godzilla.

Talk about perfect compatibility. See why I waited on the Bandai 9-inch vinyl Destoroyah?

Even with all those great pictures, there's really only one way to capture the true essence of
my 1:394 scale Destoroyah.

Click to see its actual size.

What's with all this French up there? Well, Destoroyah has this certain, shall we say, je ne sais quoi.

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