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 Godzilla Cards

Godzilla cards are fun to scan, just lay them down, no spines cracking, pages falling out, etc. Here are some of
my cards featuring Godzilla vs Destoroyah. The white
See some of the cards denotes links to card pictures.

Sega Z Cards

About the size of a credit card, you can punch out the monsters and assemble them. They
are made of a glossy plastic and the figures stand about two inches tall, and are all the rage in
Hawaii right now. Here is a picture of the assembled Godzilla and Destoroyah.


SD Super Collection Cards

These came with sets of Bandai SD candy toys. Make sure to read the back, you can find out everything you need to know about the monsters! These stickers and cards came with later Bandai SD sets.

Futami Card Set

This set came with 100 cards from the movie. Included were monster and vehicle pictures, action scenes, and production shots. The backs show a description of the card and light background pictures of the monsters and vehicles.

See some of the cards.

Movie Postcard

My friend Mark found this for me at a campus poster sale. Even though this is G'54, not GvD, I thought it was so cool he found it for me that I had to post it up here.

"The Legends of Godzilla" Cards

This 1998 Yanoman boxed set came with 60 cards showing scenes, monsters, vehicles, and locations from Godzilla and other Toho movies. It appears to be a card game similar to Pokemon.

See some of the cards.

Destoroyah Holographic Card

Got this nice 1995 Amada hologram over eBay. Held properly in the light (no mean feat), it looks 3-D and changes colors. The back says "Godzilla, King of the Monster" (that's right, no 's').

Nagasakiya G2K Cards

These were a bit of a surprise. I asked my friend Mark Obert if he could pick up some Tokyo postcards and he added these great high-quality double-sided cards.

See some of the cards.

Godzilla Chromium Cards

Put out by Amada/JPP in 1996, these cards are all in English and say "Made in the USA". They are high-quality laminated stickers and cards, textured and reflective.

See some of the cards.

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