My Godzilla Links & Friends

My links are but a sampling of Godzilla sites on the Internet. These are not necessarily a list of the best or the biggest. Rather, these are some of the sites that has an impact on my interest in Godzilla, is a supplier my collection, or is an inspiration for my web page. There are literally hundreds of Godzilla sites out there (just check out the 650+ sites at the Kaiju-Direct Index).

I have some Godzilla vs Destoroyah-related sites in a seperate category. I feel most of
these have special resources or sections devoted to this movie.

Godzilla vs Destoroyah
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General Godzilla Links

Godzilla Collectibles Links

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Looking for something besides Godzilla?

Michael & Dulce Online

This site is not a Godzilla link, but it shows I have more of a life than analyzing Godzilla vs Destoroyah. Check out our travels, replete with maps, guides, itineraries, and photos (you get to see what we look like!). Plus, for those college sports fans among you, let me know what you think of my rants and musings.

It's a Nutty World!

Dulce made a page dedicated to her favorite furry friends: squirrels! Hey, she moved from Hawaii to Nebraska because of me, so the least I could do is ask you to look at her site. It features one of the two things she likes about Nebraska
(me being the other...aww!!)

Dulce & Michael's Wedding

On September 23, 2000, Dulce and I got married! We had a nice ceremony in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts and many of our friends made the trip to make for a memorable time. You can see pictures, maps, events, and everything else about our marriage here (but don't expect any Godzilla themes).


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