Destoroyah Biology

"The winged, shapeshifting Destoroyah, Godzilla's final foe, is a metamorphosing amalgam of Precambrian crustaceans"

So says the Godzilla Compendium's section on monster profiles. Since my knowledge of biology is somewhat wanting, it sounds good to me. My Godzilla Movie Studio Tour sheds some more light:

The original form of this monster was a microorganism, which inhabited the Precambrian era where oxygen was not yet found on the earth. Destoroyah absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and emits microoxygen. The monster evolves rapidly by using the genetic code found in its prey. Eventually, Destoroyah absorbed the life energy of Godzilla Junior and the energy from an explosion at Shinagawa power plant, which caused it to evolve into a bigger form, the mature adult form.

(Yeah, that sure was obvious from the movie's context...)

My friend Rossana has more about Destoroyah's biology (as well as an interesting gender theory) on her page.

Here is the initial computer projection of Destoroyah's Kurotai stage.


 Below are some pictures of Destoroyah, from a scientific perspective.




Let's explore Destoroyah's psychology

I really can't tell you more about the genetic code thing with Destoroyah. It didn't seem significant in the movie and the CD-ROM was the only place I read about it. But the info did come from a Toho source, so you can take that for what it's worth.

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