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About Destoroyah


Kurotai (Crawling form)
Yotai (Juvenile form)
Shugotai (Aggregate form)
Heshotai (Flying form)
Kansentai (Final form)


5 mm (0.2 in)
2 m (6 ft)
50 m (160 ft)
65 m (210 ft)
120 m (394 ft)


0.5 g (0.01 oz)
350 kg (770 lbs)
15,000 tons
15,000 tons
88,000 tons


80 m (260 ft)
210 m (680 ft)

Destoroyah's transformations

AKA: Destroyer, Desutoroia, Destroyah, Destroia, Oxygen Destroyer

Background: Destoroyah was originally a microorganism from the Precambrian era (over 550 million years ago), which had an atmosphere void of oxygen. Dr Serizawa's oxygen destroyer, used to kill Godzilla in 1954, revived the creature in Tokyo Bay. However, it was not discovered until Dr Ijuin's micro-oxygen experiments in 1996. Destoroyah eventually morphed into many forms. Listed below are the approximate names I got from Japanese books. For pictures of the stages, click on the yellow graphic above.

Kansentai (Final form) is the ultimate manifestation of the oxygen destroyer. Towering over Godzilla, encased in armored skin, prickling with horns, shooting steam from its ears, this massive bipedal winged demon is by far my favorite kaiju. Therefore, it gets some extra coverage.

My thoughts: Destoroyah is my favorite kaiju (more or less means "monster" in Japanese). Seeing that he was larger than Godzilla also emphasized him as Godzilla's toughest foe. When I first saw a picture of Destoroyah, I assumed that he was a lean and somewhat agile demon. I suppose I was later a little disappointed to see how slow and bulky he was. Still, his breath weapon was as damaging as any monster ray and he was strong enough to physically knock Godzilla around.

Most of all, I consider Destoroyah my favorite Godzilla opponent because I like the craggy, massive look of the final form. I was thrilled to get my SuperWalk Destoroyah, so I could have a realistic representation of him in my collection. Since then, I've amassed twenty-two different Destoroyah figures!!

The background sound was Destoroyah's final form roar. To hear the others, click on the forms below (the Flying Form has my favorite roar):

The length, not height, is measured on the Flying Form.

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