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Godzilla vs Destoroyah Library

Here is my collection of Japanese Godzilla picture books, you could also consider this my bibliography.

The books themselves take some getting used to. For one, they read backwards (in relation to our style). You start from what we consider the back cover. To make things more confusing, the individual pages are left to right, so you have to switch back. The books are written in Japanese (with some odd English translations scattered throughout), but it's the cool pictures that catch my fancy! Still, some of the stuff almost makes me curious enough to learn some Japanese.

Below are my favorites listed with approximate English titles and the publishers. Pictures and info from these appear throughout my site, including a section in my Art Institute. I've also listed a sample of sections each book contributed to below. To get back to this page from the links below, it will be easiest to click BACK on your browser.

Special Graphix: Godzilla vs Destoroyah
Kindai Eigasha

Perhaps my favorite book, my friend Bruce got this for me. It has everything about the movie like battle maps, interviews, a photo story, G'54 references, concept drawings, Destoroyah details and inspirations (horn is from Baragon), military vehicles, and "making of" pics. In fact, it looks like my web page was put into an book form. I was so impressed with these that I ended up getting more.

Since this is such a great 82-page book, I've laid it on a scanner sparingly:

TV Kun Deluxe: GvD Super Collection

An excellent picture book, on par with the Special Graphix. Extremely detailed pictorial diagrams of each monster: front, back, side, even their inner workings. The 80-page book also includes a fold-out poster, movie sequences, and a very extensive "making of" section with lots of models. This book wasn't in mint condition when I got it, therefore I probably scanned from this book the most.

Ucushen Special Issue for GvD
Asahi Sonorama

My friend Bruce wondered how I could've been a GvD fan without having this book. Thanks to his efforts at G-FEST, I no longer have to do without.

With more color photos than other books, there are great movie, monster, and especially production pics; most being unique to this 82-page book. Also included are sections on the other Heisei movies, cartoons, advertisements, and "G-Summit for Ladies" featuring the Megumi Odaka and Sayaka Osawa (Miki & Meru). Yow!

Toho SciFi Special Effects Film Series: Vol. 10
Toho Publishing

A bit more comprehensive than the others, this 160-page book has less pictures and more text (in Japanese). Nonetheless, of any of my books, this is the one I really wish I could translate! In addition to production and movie pictures, this book features more interviews and essays, story boards, color concept drawings, and even the script for the movie.

Godzilla vs Destoroyah Giant Encyclopedia
Tachikaze Shobo

If the Special Graphix is my favorite, this one is the biggest surprise. This 77-page book is 5x7", not quite a "giant encyclopedia" (but that's what the title translates to), Nonetheless, I am very impressed with it. They really stuck a lot of stuff in here!

Lots of pictures dealing with the movie and production, plus details of each monster. But the real treat came with the Manga comic in the middle. There are also cartoon pictures of the monsters and a Miki Saegusa biography (of sorts).

Pictoral Book of Godzilla Volume I
Hobby Japan

Good 'ole Bruce has done it again! A popular Japanese book among fans, I'm sure glad he found this one. 200 pages of only Godzilla pictures, with each suit taken from every imaginable angle. Also included are production shots, miniatures, people, models, and designs for all the movies from 1954 to 1994 (Desu-goji is covered in Vol 2). For some reason, many of the American titles grace the pages, including Gigantis, the Fire Monster for the 1955 movie. Also of interest were the various maquettes I recognize from familiar publicity shots of G'54 and vs Mothra '64.

Does the cover look familiar? In Boston, I got a t-shirt with the same picture on it. The title page has 20 Godzilla faces, the same layout as the back of that shirt.

My favorite designs? The Bato-goji (vs Mothra'92) and King-goji (King Kong vs G'62), and there are great pics of both. However, you'll have to take my word for it: there's no way this hardcover book is going on a scanner.

Pictoral Book of Godzilla Volume II
Hobby Japan

The first volume covered Godzilla, this one covers everyone else: from Varan to Gameba to Hedorah to Junior to the SY-3. 200 pages of excellent color and b&w pictures of the beasts, their suits, and some behind-the-scenes action. Each movie section presents enticing photos of the female leads... and I need to see the movies Half Human and Latitude Zero!

These two hard cover volumes are my only Japanese books with the binding on the left.

I daresay I like the second volume better, there are some superb Destoroyah and Burning G pics. But like I said for Volume one, there will be no scanning from here. How about if I give you a closer look at Destoroyah & Co. on the cover?

Godzilla 1954-1999 Super Encyclopedia

While the book doesn't have much in the way of new GvD pictures, it's perhaps the most complete single book I have. This book I got with Bruce in Los Angeles truly deserves the title "Super Encyclopedia".

The 208 pages have sections for all 23 films, including the Tristar movie and Godzilla 2000. There are also chapters on movie characters, vehicles, toys, video games, television shows, and cartoons (including the 70s cartoon with Godzooky!)

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