A new home:

Long Live Godzilla (and Destoroyah).

Over six years after initially creating this page, now is the time to say sayonara. I will not be renewing www.gvsdestoroyah.com.

In 1998 when I first started working on this page, Godzilla vs Destoroyah was the last Japanese Godzilla movie and it wasn't released in the US. Since then, we've had English VHS and DVD releases, Destoroyah and Burning Godzilla toys in the US, and even video games where you could be Destoroyah. Six movies have been released since Godzilla died (albeit new continuities).

When I decided to make my little web shrine, most Godzilla webpages at the time were cookie-cutter image galleries and movie reviews. I tried to do something different by focusing on one movie. Since Destoroyah was my favorite monster, I already had plenty of figures, books, CD-Roms, and resources on the movie to show something original and interesting.

After 6 years, my site still features pictures condensed for dial-up users, no video clips, book scans rather than DVD screen captures, and an emphasis toward information rather than pretty lights. I did once consider an overhaul to make it more "professional"-looking. But how professional does a page about Godzilla need to be? Besides, I like my design that screams "1999" (big fonts, dark colors, basic html table layout, and no scripts, menus, frames, etc). Plus the so-20th-century convention of naming websites after their creators.

While I did have fun making up the picture galleries, FAQs, locations, and showing off my collection, I simply cannot think of anything else to add. Especially since Godzilla: Final Wars may be the last movie and I don't know if there will be any more Destoroyah figures to collect (and no, my toys will not be going on eBay). I'm not deleting any files, so the site will be here until the host figures out I have not renewed it.

On second thought, I won't let this page die when my host takes it down. The same content will be at this URL now:

Go on to www.gvsdestoroyah.dulcemichaelanya.com