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Here are some of my personal favorites among web pages. I did my best to include unique sites with creative perspectives, not just ones that try to weakly cover all 25 movies and cut & paste the same pictures.

Godzilla Index to Kaiju-Direct

A very exhaustive listing of Godzilla sites. There sure is a lot out there, 645 at last count! Yes, I am listed, as "Michael's Godzilla and Destroyer Page" and is part of her "featured sites". Other sections of my page are listed independently, like my "On Location" and "Toyko, Massachusetts".

Godzilla Goods       *       Website Directory

United Nations Science Committee

Jim has continued with his UNSC pages (remember Ogasawara Island from Destroy All Monsters?). Still a work in progress, he has extensive technical manuals that deal with "mecha" technology, both of the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial variety. What appeals to me most about his pages is how he keeps them in the context of the movies.

Guillame's Godzilla Shrine

Not just a Godzilla site, but so much more!! He actually posted my short reviews of the Mothra 1 & 2! Of particular interest are his reviews on vs King Ghidorah, the TriStar movie, and he even has a Miki Saegusa shrine! My brother, Steven, also has a review of the TriStar movie. As the only other G fan in Lincoln, Nebraska (that I know of), I must say his site is just the most!

Miki Saegusa Shrine

Logan's Godzilla vs King Ghidorah Site

Finally, a Godzilla fan does it! Logan made another movie-specific page, this one for Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1991). Perhaps my favorite Heisei movie, he showcases his tons of Ghidorah collectibles, the monsters, the movie, you can tell he used my site for inspiration (why, he even said so!). Keep an eye on this site as he continues to develop it.

Conster's Museum of Godzilla

This was probably the first Godzilla site I ever saw when I rekindled my interest in Godzilla. I recall with warm pride and nostalgia her sections on Midi's, the Heisei movie reviews, and the irreverent views of the movies and the fans that love them.

Neo-Monster Island

I would normally put this page in my Collectibles links, as the collection pictures are extremely sharp, especially the Godzilla bootlegs and his creative custom figures. But the show-stealer on this page is the "Twisted Kaiju Theater", his hilarious online comic strip featuring Godzilla toys in action!

My TKT Fan Submission #27

The original usenet, the newsgroup for the hardiest of Godzilla fans (including one HubZilla). Obviously with the "alt", it's unmoderated and sometimes things can get dicey. However, overall, it's the top place to get a handle on what's going on in the Godzilla world.

Google Groups:

G Project

The Alternative Godzilla Forum, of which this page supports. Look for me in the chat room or message boards as HubZilla


Mario's Godzilla Page

Now, this is a fun site, I especially like the big Godzilla head on the front page. This page contains behind-the-scenes photos of all the Heisei movies and best yet: a myriad of Quicktime clips!

Toho's Official Godzilla Page

I cannot believe I took so long to link to this official Toho page. Find out all about the newest Godzilla movie. Oh, I hope your computer (and you) can read Japanese. Then again, most of the current Godzilla sections have English areas.

Toho Co, Ltd


As the official Godzilla site here in America, much of the page is devoted to the TriStar movie and its spinoff cartoon. Still, there is a section devoted to the real Godzilla, his movies, and his big pals in the G Database.

G Database

Kaoru's Godzilla Page

From far-off Sweden, this page has a terrific layout with great graphics. My favorites are the video covers that you can print out and use. He also has many original pictures, monster battle stats, cool monster icons, plus the Graffiti section has a hilarious cartoon!

Gallery of the Weird

A very creative site, she has done some professional-quality pictures with Photoshop. There's also some great fan fiction and insightful Showa movie reviews. There are some big plans for the site, especially with the recent GMK movie.

Godzilla section

Topher's Great Godzilla References Page

This page is full of stuff, like a rampage map, movie ratings, and listings of all the differing monster names and movie titles. In addition, he links to parts of other pages, of which I find Mario's FAQ especially interesting. For the kid in you (and me), he also has an extensive Pooh site. Plus, he's a local bruddah like me!

Space Ghidorah's Universe

Creativity is a wonderful thing. Too many pages have the same cookie-cutter images, but he has taken a different tack: he draws his own pictures! Kudos for giving me the ideas to scan the Godzilla and Destroyer trademark pics.

Yahoo: Godzilla Series

Since I first got into web surfing... does anyone call it "surfing" anymore? But, I digress... I've always used Yahoo as a search engine. Naturally, when I heard of the Heisei series, guess where I searched first for Godzilla info? Now my site has been accepted by Yahoo's listing, long overdue if you ask me.


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