Adopt a Destoroyah

Everyone needs their own kaiju to bring home and love.

Chris of the former Kaiju Adoption Alliance said "The Kaiju adoption guide ranks Destoyer as 'expert' level. Certainly the creature has shown it has a bad temper and can be extremely dangerous. Destoroyah advocate, Daikaiju Hubbard [me] has made a strong case for the positive aspects of Destoyer adoption though, and offers a complete guide on Destoroyah biology and care at his on-line guide to keeping a Destoroyah in the home."

Why adopt a Destoroyah?
Well, he would be such a cool versatile monster to own.

How do you tame/socialize a Destoroyah?
You don't

What do local laws say about owning a Destoroyah?
You have an 88,000 ton monster, who's going to argue with you?

Where would a Destoroyah sleep?
Anywhere he wants to

Are there any special supplies needed for owning a Destoroyah?
How about a personal external oxygen source, just in case?

What would you feed a Destoroyah?
He definitely has an affinity for seafood

Can you introduce Destoroyahs to other pets?
Sure, just make sure the other owners aren't too attached to their pets

Can Destoroyahs be breeded?
Why bother? You can have an unlimited supply of Destoroyahs in his Aggregate form

My Destoroyah still won't obey me, what should I do?
Roll up a newpaper and swat him on the head (Note: the author is not responsible for Destoroyah's reaction)

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