Here is how to get this wonderful banner!

Simply copy (right-click, then "Save Picture/Image as...") and save it to your home page directory/folder. Please do not link the picture from my site (it only takes up 10K).

After capturing the above banner, copy these HTML lines to your page:

<P ALIGN="center">
<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="mgvd.gif">
</P> is my easier URL, but for some reason it stays in the address/location bar. It would be best to use the above URL for the banner and links. I also recommend that URL if you feel like bookmarking the site.

I also have more, uh, creative animated banners in my Art Institute. To use those, make sure you put the file name in the third line (IMG SRC).

E-mail me if you want to trade banners:

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