Godzilla vs Destoroyah
Art Institute

Welcome to the Godzilla vs Destoroyah Art Institute

Some, not all, pictures can be zoomed in. The ones that have larger views will have a pink border. These pages are graphics intensive, although most individual pictures are less than 40KB.

I have gone through some lengths to use original pictures in this gallery. Nearly all are scans or captures from my own sources. I will insist that those pictures remain 'original' and not be copied for use on other web pages. See more in my Disclaimer and Caveats page. Besides, you wouldn't want me to stick a logo on all my pictures, would you?


All museums have a way of honoring key contributors. In recognition of Jim Walsh's, Mario Artavia's, and Rossana Ganuza's generous donations to this gallery, their respective banners have been "cast" into silver donor's plaques. I encourage you to visit their excellent sites.

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