Godzilla vs Destoroyah

Movie Synopsis

Get the popcorn!!

Gojira Tai Desutoroia

An angry Godzilla appears in Hong Kong

(accompanied by Ifukube's thumping score)

Godzilla is glowing and steaming, his heart near nuclear reaction

If Godzilla explodes or melts down, the fallout will destroy all life on Earth

The Super X-III freezes Godzilla in an attempt to halt Godzilla's rising temperature

This only slows the inevitable

Meanwhile, back in Japan, a new micro-oxygen is being developed for scientific purposes

A creature is found

They deduce the creature came from the Oxygen Destroyer, a weapon that killed Godzilla in 1954 by removing oxygen from water

Strange creatures appear at a construction site

The security force is under attack and defeated by a multitude of human-sized Destoroyahs

The JSDF is mobilized and attacks with freeze weapons. All the creatures aggregate to form a large Destoroyah.

"It's the Destroyer which explodes everything"

Godzilla Junior (Godzilla's son) is lured to Tokyo

It is hoped that Godzilla will follow Junior so the Japanese can attempt to stop his world-threatening meltdown

After terrorizing Tokyo, the flying Destoroyah is attacked by Junior

The powerful Aggregate form Destoroyah fights Junior

After a tough battle, Junior is victorious, blasting Destoroyah into a power plant

With Destoroyah vanquished, father and son meet at Haneda airport

But something emerges from the ashes of the power plant


Continued on Part II


The quotes are based on my Showcase Collectibles fansub

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