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Collectibles Exposition

I felt like including some of my collectibles, as works of art themselves. With Japanese toys, sometimes the packaging is as interesting as what's inside.

This is from my HyperReal diorama candy toy box. I like the way Godzilla is glaring, plus the picture includes Destoroyah.


This was the tag from my Bandai Burning Godzilla. I like the way Destoroyah is lording over Godzilla.

Oh no! I took off the tag! I hope you appreciate the lengths I went through to present these pictures.


Here we have a glittery Godzilla vs Destoroyah group portrait. This card came from my TV Magazine Card Book #2 I got in Boston.

Another card can be found in my Destoroyah section. Or click here to see it.


This poster was included with my GvD TV Magazine #8. Around the middle Godzilla, there are 12 movie scenes. Prudent collectors would leave the poster in the book, but their wall wouldn't be as cool as mine!


Destoroyah hologram from my Godzilla Movie Studio Tour CD-ROM


 And we'll conclude with some pictures from my SuperWalk Destoroyah box.


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