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Animated Gifs

I got a new toy: a gif animator! I'm still learning how to make these, but I thought you'd like to see my creative juices stirring. While I don't pretend to be an artist, I still had fun making these.

I got two different banners up there. Feel free to take them and give your visitors Pokemon-esque brain synapses. Look here for info on using banners.

Small animation of my
SuperWalk Destoroyah

One of my more creative
entries, I like the effect

Of course I needed a flying monster animation

Here I am playing with some of the icons, like the Burning Godzilla line above. Dulce likes the Super X-3 animation and Junior horizontal line the best. I like the artistic interpretation of the Meltdown sequence personally, it took the most time to make. The Godzilla lines are important since I've been using Barry's all this time. Like most of the resources I borrowed (with permission), they've been phased out over time.

CLT-95 freezing Destoroyah

Godzilla's meltdown

Super X-3 freezing Godzilla

Godzilla Junior line


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But you know I'll be making more!

Due to the nature of these pictures and keeping with my page's originality, I will have to insist that you not use these images for your own site. I suppose you could use the Godzilla and Junior lines, but you have to ask real nicely.

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