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Dec 7, 2010

Been a while, hasn't it? Got some exciting news, I just got back from a vacation in TOKYO, JAPAN! And yes, I saw lots of Godzilla areas, like the Wako Bldg, National Diet, Tokyo Big Sight, and (of course), the statue near Hibiya Park!

Pictures are here and I've included a section called Go Go Godzilla!

Mar 18, 2006

I got a new toy, or should I say Anya got a new toy? It's a ToyVault Plush Destoroyah, which can be found in my Figure Collection section.

Have you seen the pictures of Anya Sofia Hubbard?

Nov 7, 2005

On second thought, I have decided not to let this page die. But I am still cancelling www.gvsdestoroyah.com. This page can be accessed at our family site: www.gvsdestoroyah.dulcemichaelanya.com . So go ahead and update your bookmarks.

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