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Godzilla Exposition II

Since Godzilla has top billing in the movie, I should try to get more Godzilla pictures.
So here are some neat ones:

Godzilla finally getting the upper hand vs his final enemy.

What, you don't remember this from the movie? My laserdisc fansub has some unused footage, including an Alternate Ending.

Godzilla's battle with Destoroyah was one of his toughest, as witnessed by his battle scars.

He's had better days.

One of the few pictures I have showing Godzilla's full profile, including the tail.

He looks rather introspective, probably thinking "Did I smash this place enough?"

When battles don't go his way, Godzilla gets a second wind with his "nuclear pulse".

With the music blaring, the pyros exploding, and Godzilla's spiral flame
breath blasting, this is one of Godzilla's best endings.


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