Alternate Ending
Unused Footage

Those of you who got the TriStar English-dubbed video and DVD are missing out here. The subtitled videos available are copied from Japanese laserdiscs and show the movies letterboxed and without English dubbing. In addition, the fansubs include trailers, the "Making Of GvD", and some unused footage, the most interesting being an alternative ending. In my opinion, I think Toho should've stuck with this one, giving Godzilla a more complete victory.


Godzilla marches to confront Destoroyah.

I can't really tell where these scenes match events in the film, it seems to skip around. I assume that this ending surrounds the final battle after Godzilla fails to revive Junior.

Destoroyah faces Godzilla, his chest opens and then flashes.

Apparently, this was Destoroyah's chest ray, but the optical rays were not drawn in yet. When Godzilla later torches Destoroyah, all you see is just his mouth flashing.

Powerful explosions rock Godzilla.

I wonder why this weapon ended up on the cutting room floor. They must've decided to scrap it late in the game, because many of my books attribute a chest ray to Destoroyah.

Godzilla counterattacks, blasting Destoroyah.

My guess is these scenes are just the unused ones and work around ones still in the movie. So we've probably already seen the fins melting and radiating, the pyrotechnics exploding, etc

Destoroyah falls to the ground, causing a gigantic white explosion

We do not see Destoroyah taking off, so that's why I think this ending consists of spliced footage.

Instead of staying down, however, Destoroyah gets up...

... and confronts Godzilla

By now, the meltdown temperature must've been reached. There is a lot of smoke around and the Requiem starts playing

Godzilla grabs Destoroyah's horn and starts pummelling him

Many of my books show pictures of this scene, so this was likely a last-minute change

The JSDF helps out by launching its missiles at Destoroyah while Godzilla holds him.

Unable to handle Godzilla's radiation and the freeze missiles, Destoroyah falls

Then Godzilla commences with his meltdown, with Junior rising at the end

Other than the ending, the only unused scene showed the Flying
Form Destoroyah swooping down and knocking over Junior

Thanks to Michele Price for making me a copy of Toho's GvD Special Laser Disc (CAV #2476) and Chris Moon for helping with the screen captures.

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