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Godzilla Exposition III

Here's some more great Godzilla pics to help even out my preponderance of Destoroyah pictures.

I have so many pictures of my favorite Destoroyah toy, how about a nice one of my favorite Godzilla? Doesn't my 9" Bandai Burning Godzilla (Desu-Goji) look great?

Below is a profile picture.

Of course, I needed a picture of burning Godzilla's first scene, off the Hong Kong airport runway. "We'll be experiencing Godzilla-related turbulence..."

Close-up of Noriyoshi Ohrai's advance poster showing Godzilla and Junior.

Impressive, isn't it?

These great facial shots speak for themselves.

Poor Hong Kong... looks like a hot time in the old town tonight. You can
get this promotional picture as a Windows background.


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