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Godzilla Exposition IV

More Godzilla pictures! Most of these are from that wonderfully titled
book: "We Love Godzilla Everytime"

This stunning pic is from the cover of the book. This scene wasn't in the movie, nonetheless this is one of my favorite Burning G pictures.

When fans talk about their favorite Godzilla suits, they rarely include the DesuGoji. I don't think it's because of any negative reasons, the glowing just makes it so different and therefore hard to compare with the others.

Remember, Godzilla is just a campy character wildly romping around with other colorful monsters.

Was this really the same suit that appeared in
Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla?

This is a fold-out poster from one of my books (yes, there's the crease). Many non-G fans
think Godzilla is green, so I went ahead and put up a pic where he looks a
little green. Happy?


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