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Destoroyah Exposition II

Some people have said my page should be called "Michael's Destoroyah Page... with a guest appearance by Godzilla".

Well, there are some reasons Destoroyah is featured more prominently on my page. First, since the monster has all those different forms, there are simply more Destoroyah pictures in my books and CD-Roms. Second, there are hundreds of pages out there with tons of Godzilla pics. Finally, I happen to like Destoroyah more!

Close-up of the advance poster featuring an almost scorpion-esque Destoroyah. A great depiction of an especially vicious beast.

One of my favorite scenes: Destoroyah rising out of the fire.

A cool Destoroyah spread from the Godzilla vs Destoroyah Japanese movie program.

Here is a stunning photo of the Super Walk Destoroyah. The picture is from JP's Godzilla Room, where you can learn more about Destoroyah collectibles.

This Yutaka super-deformed figure is my very first Destoroyah.
Ain't he cute? Awww...


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