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Destoroyah Exposition III

I took a look through my Destoroyah pictures and found I had a huge preponderance of Final Form and Aggregate pics. Here are some of the other forms to right that balance.

Here's where it all began, the Kurotai stage. He never really appears in the movie, only on a computer screen. Good thing Dr Ijuin had such a sharp eye, I would've never caught that red streak!

Left: This trilobite critter appears in a few of my books, called the Bishoutai (microscopic form). Possibly the Pre-Cambrian Destoroyah, before oxygen destroyer mutated it?


One of the few times the monsters were on the same scale as humans, I'll give them some credit for the concept. The execution, however, left much to be desired. The Yotai swarm were involved in easily the most embarrassing effects, so perhaps the fewer pics, the better.

The same design was used for the larger Aggregate Destoroyah (left), but it looked far more convincing as a monster. Hard to believe these were the same models. Must've been the scale difference.


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