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Japan's Military
vs the monsters

G-Force and JSDF

Predictably, the army didn't fare too well versus the monsters. What I don't understand is why anyone would join G-Force. You're asked to attack the monsters from extremely short range, knowing full well how successful these tactics were against previous monsters. Of course, they did work in the end vs Destoroyah, but then the vehicles were stuck at ground zero for Godzilla's meltdown.


The Japanese were wary about using weapons on the burning Godzilla, lest it cause him to explode. Then someone remembered the Super X-III has freezing armaments. Off it went to combat Godzilla before he reached a nuclear reactor.

With that cumbersome targeting system, it's no wonder half of the missiles missed Godzilla.

Meanwhile, back in Tokyo...

With the police failing to stop the Destoroyahs, it was time to call in the heavy artillery.


The JSDF first appeared in order to take on the Destoroyahs.

Predictably, the weapons had little effect on the monsters. I think what the JSDF should've done is make ammunition from the same material as the homing device in vs SpaceGodzilla. At least it penetrated a monster!

Once the freeze lasers and missiles started going, they seemed to have some success. Plus, it started snowing... we got 'em now!

With the kind of precision we've come to expect from computers, the micro-oxygen became "impossible to measure". Where did the little Destoroyahs go?


This had a decided effect on morale, as the now-combined Aggregate Destoroyah started smashing all the tanks.

Luckily, the JSDF had enough tanks left over to join the Super-X3 at the site where Godzilla and Destoroyah were battling.

(Uh, forget what I previously said about the budget)

After helping Godzilla by shooting down Destoroyah, the G-Force tried feebly to stem Godzilla's runaway radiation.

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