Godzilla vs Destroyer

Part II

"That is the Destroyer's real figure"

Destoroyah flies over and attacks Godzilla at the Airport, knocking him over

He then whisks Junior away and drops him

Junior crashes into the Bayfront, unmoving

Seeing this, Godzilla cries at the loss of his son

Destoroyah lands at the airport to confront Godzilla

The two come to blows...

... but Destoroyah is too strong

While down, Godzilla gets blasted by the micro-oxygen ray

"This could be Godzilla's final fight"

Destoroyah wraps his tail around Godzilla's neck

Finally, the "Oxygen Destroyer" is doing something to affect Godzilla's oxygen supply!

Destoroyah takes flight, dragging Godzilla along the tarmac and dumping him into Tokyo Bay

Godzilla emerges from the bay and searches for Destoroyah

And Destoroyah obliges, landing in front of him

The two confront each other again

(This is one of my favorite shots in the movie)

Godzilla goes in for the attack

But Destoroyah is ready...

... and slices into Godzilla with the laser horn

Godzilla roars in pain

Destoroyah screams in triumph


Continued on Part III


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