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Godzilla vs Destoroyah Manga

The Manga story seemed to be based on an earlier script of the movie. Below are some of the changes I noticed:

That's a real oxygen-destroying ray

Top: Destoroyah transforming. They never really showed this in the film

Left: The Yotai Destoroyahs showing an almost spidery quality.

Destoroyah looks a lot faster and his chest opens up to reveal a powerful blast

 The Final Form also had a chest ray. It appeared to live up to it's oxygen-destroying moniker as it dismembered parts of Godzilla

HA! The King of the Monsters doesn't need any help from a Super X 

My friend Mark let me borrow a GvD manga book. I was quite surprised to learn the storyline had absolutely nothing to do with the movie! I wish I knew more Japanese, so I could tell you what was going on, and how they thought it was related to the movie.

Even Destoroyah looks shocked (or is he more upset he has a giraffe neck?)


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