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DVD Screen Grabs III

I had such a blast making my On Location page, that I wanted to clip more scenes featuring the places.

Godzilla wading in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor. I consider this the best matte in the movie

Tokyoites at the Ginza's Yonchome crossing (Tokyo's Times Square) getting the latest on the Destoroyahs' attack. The circular building is the San'ai shopping center.

The JSDF mobilizing at the Tokyo International Port Terminal in Harumi. Nice Apaches!

Destoroyah flying toward Shinagawa Station. People in Japan should be used to these occurrences: "Geez, not another monster attack..."

Destoroyah smashing into the Shinagawa Power Station. Looks like he was in his flying form when Junior defeated him.

I try to watch Godzilla movies in their context, but the SPFX gaffe that left moving cars in this Haneda Airport matte was awfully hard to ignore.

Whoa! What is that neat building? I wonder if we'll see it again in this movie?

Why do the Japanese invest so much money in impressive architecture? With all these monsters, their brand-new landmarks don't last long.

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