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DVD Screen Grabs II

Here are some great pics featuring my favorite monster.

First glimpse of the post-microbe Destoroyah. The Destoroyahs looked really animated in this ominous scene. Tokyo was in trouble now!

Didn't Dr Ijuin say using fire against the Destoroyahs was a bad idea?

I wanted a shot of this scene on my page, but without the embarrassing Aliens jaw effect in the picture.

For some odd reason, fans liked Biollante over Destoroyah. This isn't even my favorite Destoroyah form, but it still looks much better than a rose or immobile venus fly trap

I really wish they made a detailed figure of the flying form. Let's tell Bandai to release one for its Godzilla Island line!

My favorite money shot and by far the best kaiju entrance in the Heisei era (no out-of-nowhere backlights or lasers).

This scene totally surprised me and was executed superbly. Gamera 2 had a similar scene, but it was nowhere near as exciting as this one

Of course, the Final Form wasn't finished whooping on Godzilla either

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