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Submitted Artwork I

Here are some pictures Rossana "Destroyah" Ganuza made for me. You might've seen her KAIJU KIDS comic in Kaiju-Fan #10 magazine (p.50) and other places. Click on the teasers below to see the whole picture.

 Here are Destoroyah and Godzilla in Rossana's KAIJU KIDS form. She made this picture exclusively for this site.

 Another exclusive picture of the the two title monsters, this time in their full-size form.

One of the first pics she sent me. Looks like Destoroyah loves to fly!

 Extremely detailed picture of Godzilla's head. A far cry from the stick figures I can draw.

A mass of Aggregate Destoroyahs


Finally, I like her signature with the Aggregate Destoroyah (the arms arcing over the top and tail behind).


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